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Western Abenaki Liturgical Texts

Western Abenaki Liturgical Texts by Peter Paul Wz8khilain (translations in progress)

(Pater nosler,) Kez8gm8mna alaiamih8t.
The way of the Our Father

Kez8gm8mna Our father alaiamih8t the way of his prayer / how-he-prays

Nemit8ksena spemkik aiian,
Our father who are' in heaven,

Nemit8ksena our father
spemkik in heaven
aiian you who are

s8gmowalmeguadich aliwisian,
sanctified be thy name

s8gmowalmegwadich let it be chiefly known / let it be thought lordly
aliwisian how you are named

ketebaldamw8gan pai8moich,
thy kingdom come,

ketebaldamw8gan your kingdom / your dominion
pai8moich let it come

kolaldamw8gan likit8gwadich,
thy will be done,

kolaldamw8gan your will (what you think/believe) / wlaldam- = think it well = will it, desire it to be
likit8gwadich let it come to be heard

tali kik tah8lawi tali spemkik,
there on earth as there in heaven,

tali there/that place
kik on earth
tah8lawi as
tali there/that place
spemkik in heaven

m8milina nikw8bi pamgiskak nedattasgiskwai ab8nmena,
give us now this day our daily bread,

m8milina give us
nikw8bi now
pamgiskak this day
nedattasgiskwai our each day
ab8nmena our bread

ta anahaldamawina nebalalokaw8gannenawal
and forgive us our mistakes

ta and
anahaldamawina forgive us
nebalalokaw8gannenawal our mistakes

tah8lawi niona ali anahaldamaw8ak palikad8gwagik,
as we forgive them their trespasses

tah8lawi as
niona we
ali how
anahaldamaw8ak forgive them
palikad8gwagik those who have done us wrong
pal- = incorrect, etc.
-kataw = (say, do, behave) towards NA; [aw-e] > [8]
-(e)gw = Inverse [here because THEY...US]
-ag = US
-ig = the ones who

ta akwi losalina wenemihodw8ganek,
and do not lead us into temptation

ta and
akwi do not
losalina you lead us
wenemihodw8ganek into his temptation
Wenem- tempt Initial; interesting that the Final complex is -ihodi, i.e. causing each other to...
(or, for that matter, if it's nem-, with w- h/her)

weji kadninahadaki t8ni majigek,
deliver us from evil,

wji- = from
kad- = extract, remove it
(e)n- = by hand
-i-na(h) = [as in losal-ina; but this -h is interesting]
-(e)dahki = but, instead; the (e) picks up the sound across the /h/ to become /a/
t8ni how/where
majigek that which is evil

let it be so

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English Translations added by Jesse Bruchac (in progress)

Religious Instruction

What is Necessary To Know.

Mziwi awani wdachwaldamen ol8wzin kwani tal8wzit kik ta achi kizi machinada.
Everyone wants to live well for as long as s/he lives on the Earth and also after they die.

Ni waji chowitbak kwilawat8z8 t8ni lalokan waji kizi s8gnaw8zimek,
So it is necessary to search out what you are to do in order to live a peaceful,

kinawakamigzimuk ta p8bat8zik askwa asp8zwik pm8wzow8gan.
honest life and to be religious yet early in life.

Pakalmeguat 8dahaba t8m8 mina wdenn8ziwi kinawakamigzow8gan aiaga nosok8iga Tabaldak wgeza8sow8gan enni
Of course no where more is seen an honest life unless he is to follow God affectionately which

alagimgowakw waji kzaldiakw ta wli wijokadiakw askamiwi.
instructed for you to love each other and your always helping each other well.

Achiba 8da lagimgawwakwkwa pazguenba ali namitwakw ta wawamadamakw
Also if we would not be instructed however could the way we would see it and know it by feeling,

al8bamguak s8bi kzaossow8gan ta ali 8da wliliowainnokw pilwidah8mdow8gan ala akwaldow8gan.
that which is visible through love and how mutual suspicion and mutual hatred are not.

S8gnaw8wzow8gan nawa chowaldamagua, kweguilawatonanaji waji majimiwi wli m8ok8akw, wijokadiakw,
Tranquility then is felt to be needed, we will always search for it as we form a good community, we help each other,

kza8ssit8wadiakw ta kig8widah8mdiakw ali kizi pita wakasessiakw kiuna pazgowiakw adal8wziakw u ketm8gi Odanak.
we are loving towards each other and we feel anger towards each other as we are already very few we are one as we live here at this pitiful Odanak.

Agad8dmohdich kachiawejik askwa nagmak wdelkwan8n8 wnij8nw8 laguiwi waligek;
Let the elders strive still those who direct their children towards that which is good;

t8nba niji wal8badamohdit alni lidw8ganek tali ta ali wjejakwidit.
how those would see fit/view it well in common fate and how they have souls.

Akwi awani nsatoch oz8mi wlagakigamin, 8da wz8mi ns8n8guadowi awani oz8mi wlakamigzin,
let one not fear to teach too well, one is in no danger of behaving too well

ta pakalmeguat 8dahaba awani owagihogowen wlakamigzow8gan.
and it is obvious that no one will be destroyed/damaged by his good nature or temperament.

Nalawitta msik8ji t8ni awani 8ttoji mliki chowit8kw waji wlakamigzit,
Everywhere as hard as possible however much one constantly strongly demands so that he behaves,

8dahaji odaldamowen ala oji wanihad8wen;
they will never regret about it or forget about it;

achikiba id8ziga oji wanihadon kagui, 8dahaba kagui lidbatwi,
and too if it might be said to forget something, it is no matter,

wz8mi wbaamiji salakiwi mseguikw8badamen wikwnemm8ssida waligek,
because she will at some point see it as greater if she takes from herself something that is good,

8dakiba kawhowada achi mziwi l8badamw8gan ta m8ni kasi aik wskitkamigua.
than if she loses also every benefit and money as much as there is in the world.

Wz8mi awani 8da chowitokwkwa askami wl8wzow8gan, wibiwi tbidah8daga alni wl8wzow8gan,
Because if one cannot demand eternal good life, only conisder an ordinary good life,

tali kwahli tokoji askami saagi tebokok;
s/she will forever be waking up there startled in the hard night;

tahaji wdelinamen oskitkamigui p8l8wzow8gan paki wibiwi alguasiji wji ali p8baami taakwak.
and s/he will see earthly prideful life to be nothing more than just h/her dreaming for what is the absolute shortest.

U wskitkamigua koji tal8wzinana wibiwitta waji tali adottowakw pakihoziakw ta chowitwakw
Here on earth we live only for there we walk past cleansing ourselves and must unchecked

nik8ni paksawaw8gan, wajiji kizi ketm8galmegowakw kmit8kwsenna Spemkik ait knitongonana ta kbidigalgonana
ahead cleanse, for will can we be pitied our father in Heaven he is we accept and we bring in

owawasi kik ta wbakinnowi tbaldamw8ganek.
his holy of earth and thoroughly take ownership/mastery.

Wz8mi Tabaldak kdeli waw8dokawgonana ali 8dahlaba kagui kizi pidigainnokw wawasi kik t8nu 8da pakignokw;
Because God we notify how wouldn't become something can enter holy on earth where it isn't clean;

ni waji mziwi awani t8nwa achwaldak askami wl8wzow8gan chowi chowitokw askwa ali s8gl8wzit u mjejakwi paksawaw8gan.
so for every one whoever that it needs forever a good life surely should still how strengthen himself this soul clensed.

Akwi awani pal8baldach, akwi laldach 8dahahba ngetm8galmegwzi wz8mi 8da ngizi taguagui pakigi.
Let one not despair, let one not think could not I pity myself because I can not finish completely.

Tabaldak 8da awasiwi li wikodmowi 8daki t8ni awani ali pguat8kw;
God not farther until ask for something than where someone that achieves;

kiziba awani li pguat8gua Waji taguagui pakigit, niba ali wikodmaw8muk;
could someone until he earns in order to finish completely, that could how ask;

alniki 8dat8m8 wskitkamigua aiwi t8nwa ni ali pguat8kw.
As it is no where on earth it is whoever there that earns.

Agad8dich daki awani adott8kw, ta hwihwinwam8ch Tabaldamliji waji wijokamgot, 8dahaji wdazahogowia.
Let him strive at last someone pass, and let him be around their master in order to that he helps him, not will refuse him.

Kilw8w8 nawa askwa aw8ssiswiakw agad8dmokw mliki chowitokw t8nu waligek, t8nuji taguagui ta askami wl8badamakw.
You then still your children strive strongly must which is good, where finish and forever using for a good purpose.

Kwsilawihokw ta kitaokw knigihgow8k, ni wz8mi Tabaldak alagimgowakw.
Respect and make great your elders, as so much God instructed you.

Kwsilawimokw mziwi awani, pita nawa paamigademat 8daki kilw8w8, ta kilw8w8tta majimiwi kza8ssit8wadikw.
Respect every one, very then more his age than you, and yourselves always that you love each other.

Kw8zodamokw mziwi t8ni majigek askwa nagmak waji 8da kizi pozk8gowakw, li ngajihozikw waji majimiwi wibiiwi
Reject all which is bad still nagmak for can't become, towards leaving in order to always only

sasagak ta alak idamakw kaguitta l8jmiagua t8ni ahhladaw8biakw ala ahhlestamakw.
Straight and true you say anything how one prepares where your behavior or your learning by hearing.

Wli nsatokw waji 8da kazpi li ngajihoziwakw awasiwi kdelihadon8 kagui 8dok8damagua;
Fear well/be good and careful for not dull to leave yourselves beyond you know something explained;

takettahadaki kwaskwai l8dok8damokw t8ni ali wawaldamakw, t8nu nalawi kizi 8dok8d8zik.
Exactly correct as we tell how the way that we know, how everywhere has someone explained it.

Wliaww8gan ta s8baskid8baw8gan majimiwi awakatokw t8nitta 8llalokaakw ta t8nitta 8aiakw.
Kindness and honesty always we use whenever we do our work and wherever we are.

Wli nsatokw k8dak waji 8da kazpi li ngajihoziwakw koweskawenmenn8 kagui achi pita kanskin8guak;
Be good and careful thus in order to not dull until we leave you disturbed/shaken something also very that appears worthless.

wz8mi ni lalokaagua, knospigin8ji kmodnaw8gan, tahaji 8da kenekmi kizi ponihadown8 kizi kchiawiagua.
because so work, you all high your theft, and will not easy can you abondon already the old ones.

Li wawaldamokw ali mziwi awani t8nwa kazalmot wnij8na ta achwaldalnaw8t waligek, walihogolit,
Until we know that everyone whoever he who loves his child and wants for them that which is good, his one who is good,

ta waji kinawakamigzilit, pita wzigidah8zit 8da kit8gogklwa t8ni alagim8t
And for those of his who live honest lives, very sad ones not great to him as he directs.

Pita nawa kchia t8nwa p8batak, wdachwaldamaw8 wnij8na majimiwi waji wawaldamlit ta nosokamelit p8batamw8gan.
Very then great whoever prays, they need of their children always to know and to follow religion.

Majimiwi owawim8, wmikom8 ta wgelhamaw8n mziwi t8ni 8da walignokw ta pita wzigidah8zo
Always he advises him, advises someone and to amuse it everything when it isn't good and he is very sad

chig8wiwi lalokalida t8ni wajimot.
persistently if he does how he shows him.

Wanij8nit wdeli wzigidah8zin 8da kit8gokwkwa wnij8na tah8lawi aw8ssis ali wzigaldak 8da li milgokwkwa wnigihigo t8ni ali wikodmaw8t.
A parent how his sadness it is not great his children like a child as he is sad not until he is given his parent where as he is asking for something.


Li wawaldamokw ali saagak 8da awani wgiktaw8wen wnigihigo, pita mseguikwi palaloka, wz8mi nihi s8zaakkahl8ji,
Until we know hard it is no one listens to his patent, make a very great error, because that one will become hard,

s8zaagi kizignekgoji nagatta wji anegi aln8baida ialli wamnakat.
habitual hard times that they will complete and for after birth these of his have enough time to do it.

Kizi 8da kaktamokw awani wigaw8jiwi mziwi kagui wdelkamigzin, sazig8dam, wigesmo, kespenna ni wbemi kmodnan,
Already is is not important who usually everything the way it is with him, he is lazy, he is a drunk, he is stupid, and he here and ther he steals,

ni kanwa ni wji pita nabiwi ni wzak8ssin.
so however that for very soon that is something that waits/stands within him.

Kaktak 8zoka pita oliwah8 ta wgezalmego wnigihigo, tahaji s8z8gnaw8wzo alm8wzit;
It is very great on the other hand/in is told very well treated and he loves them his parents, and will he lives always a life that is tranquil.

ta 8da wibiwi walilawah8ji oskitkamigui wnigihigo, achi daki olilawah8 wnihigo nihi Spemkik ailiji,
and not only will please someone on earth his parents, also later on please his parents that are there in Heaven they are,

ma8wi lagimgoji olkamigzin.
properly he/it will direct someones manner.

Li wawaldamokw ali enna ma8wi chowagimgowakw kgiktamn8, na p8baami kza8ssit 8daki mina awani;
Until we know that which is correct we are obliged to pay attention, that one is more affectionate than anyone else;

ta Agma kizihogwakw, milgowakw nasaw8gan, nanawalmegowakw k8gisgaki, pita nawa wl8man8guat kitaw8n,
and He made us, he gave us breath, he takes care of us, every day, very much then the what is lawful (appears right) is great,

kzalm8n ta kwsih8n.
love and respect it.

God is everywhere.

T8nwa p8gui waw8damw8ganowit ta kizitokw mziwi kagui, tbidah8zw8gan, pazobw8gan, nodamw8gan,
Whenever pure intellegent one and able to do anything, thought, sight, hearing,

ta 8dat8m8 matanasktannokw wdelgilw8gan, chowi mziwi nalwiwi wbemi ain.
and no where he has an ending, surely all everywhere here and there he can be.

Pakalmeguat nawa 8da kaguiba kizi k8ttawi wji Tabaldak; mziwi kagui wnamiton ta owawaldamen t8nitta awani 8llalokat,
Of course then something could not be hidden from God; He sees everything and He knows it whatever someone does,

aldunkat ta alidah8zit.
how he acts and how he thinks.

Pakalmeguat nawa 8dahaba mina kagui kdoji kizi wli nanawkwangownana waji kizi kw8zodamakw t8nu majigek,
Of course then should not more something we then have been well taken care in order that we can put aside that which is bad,

8daki koli taguagui sn8zwi li wl8mawaldamnana ali s8wa tbaskod8gowakw enna mziwi pamtak wsisukw ta owawizw8gan.
Instead complete well (sp8zwi? early?) until we believe that often we observe he who everywhere is his eye and his awareness.

Wz8mi majiwiwi ns8ziagua ta skoh8dam8agua waji kizi ngemi kw8zodamakw 8da walignohw,
Because always dangerous and take heed lest can easily we avoid that which is not good,

kowijokamgonnaji kmit8kwsenna enna achwaldamaw8t wgizitigana wnosokamelin waligek,
we will be helped by him our father who wants something of him his ready made thing that his follow the good,

wz8mi wdachwaldamen wdelawk8mgon, ta wgadawi askami wli pon8.
because he wants it recognized, and he wanting forever well place him.

Kizi nawa wawaldamakw ali Tabaldak wli nton8t t8nuhi alawk8mgoji, ta ali 8da wid8baikw maji niwaskwa,
Can then we know that God receives goodness of he will recognize him, and that his friends are bad spirits,

8dahaba wl8ma kizi lald8ziwi pazguenji ali wli nton8muk majigit tah8lawi waligit.
Could not correct can not consider however he will well accept one who is evil as one who is good.

Ta kdeli waw8dokawganana ali t8ni adoji chowi skaakw adali matanaski tbelodimuk,
And we are informed that where so much surely that we stand there finally tell each other (discuss),

pita aguaji ngemi wawihlak t8nugik achwi losajik Spemkik, ta t8nugik alosajik Al8mkik.
Very actually/really becomes known how these must go to Heaven, and how these ones go the Hell.

Wz8mi pita aguaji ngemi wawihlak t8nugik alawk8m8jik Tabaldamliji, ala maji niwaskwa.
Because very actually easily known how these ones that recognize their God, or bad spirits.

Wl8man8guat awani wdagui nton8n t8ni wadagok8t;
It is lawful someone from (a certain place or direction) accept one who is of the other side;

maji niwaskwa nosokamaw8t, nihiji natongoji ta w8wijihlamgoji askamiwi.
Those that follow bad spirits, they will be accepted and stay with him forever.

Tabaldamliji alawk8m8t, wgeza8ssowi ntongoji tahaji wdaskami wijihlam8,
When they recognize their God, they affectionately will be accepted by him and will he forever stay with him,

wz8mi ni wadagok8t,
so much there he who is on the other side,

ta 8dahaba wl8man8guadowi Al8mkik li kwagwn8n t8nwa nosokamaw8t, kazalm8t ta alokaw8t Tabaldamliji.
And it shall not be lawful in Hell until push it whoever follows something of his, he who loves and works his God.

Ni achi ma8wi wajiba 8da kizi wl8man8guadennokw li kwagwn8n awani Spemkik t8nwa,
And also correctly in order could not be lawful to push someone to Heaven whoever,

8da kaktamokw waligek, kawagi daki paami kitaw8t ta alokaw8t maji niwaskwa.
Not great good, instead at last better he who is great and that works for the bad spirits.

Wli wawalmeguat ali kagui t8ni majigek ta waligek 8da wid8battinnokw; ni waji 8dahaba majigek kizi pidigainnokw Spemkik.
It is well known that something how be and good not his friend; hence the that which is bad can not enter

T8ni aligek kagui awani akikat niji aligek kawakwnek; ni achi ma8wi lakamigzow8gan aldibak.
the way it is something someone who plants so will he harvest; so also correct behavior as they are to each other.

8nalzida awani ni wnespi machinan wlakamigzow8gan, askami kawakwnemji waligek, tahaji askamiwi wig8dam,
If someone repents so he with death his temperament, forever will harvest good, and will forever be happy,

achiba sakhabida adali wzigald8zik, pazguen ali 8da kizi wdennahl8nnokw agma wdaskami wig8damw8gan.
also should if he roams there to be sad, however that can not nevertheless his everlasting happiness.

Ni oz8ka awani 8da 8nalzikw, wibiwi m8majigit, ni wnespi machinan wmachkamigzow8gan;
and it is said that someone who doesn't repent, only that is so bad, and he dies with his bad temperament;

wdaskami kawakwnemmenji wmajigw8gan, ta 8dahaba nimskamwi wl8wzow8gan ala wig8damw8gan.
He forever will reap malice, and not get a good life or happiness.