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Kimzowi Awikhigan by P.P. Wz8khilain, 1830
Pages 18-20, Translated by Jesse Bruchac 02/02/2015


Aw8sis8dwaw8gan / Baby Talk

Nig8 t8ni ndadan?
Mother where is my father?

t8nga ato agma alagui wan8daminat.
Where may it be that he is crazy (that he drinks).

Nig8 kagagiiaji pado ndadan pai8da?
Mother seasoned meat will he bring my father if he comes?

t8nga ato agma, niba wdesp8bain kdadan wbadon kagagiia?
How is it probably with him, would he be the kind of man to bring your father seasoned meat?

wibiwigajina paji wan8damina.
only it will be more likely he comes crazy (drunk).

Nig8 t8nipgua alosat ndadan, abazikok ala lololikok?
Mother where then that he has gone my father, to the woods or among the boogeymen?

niba wg8gsinosan kdadan abazikok wdelosan,
would he go lonely/loiter your father to/in the woods he goes,

lololikokga ni wig8mholgot,
among the boogeymen it is that he lives,

ni wz8mi adali kizesmit.
because there he drinks.

Nig8 nmaman, --kaguiba mamaan 8da kagui kowaj8nmoppenna--ab8nisga--
Mother I something to eat, what would I eat we have nothing -- a small piece of bread

t8niba ab8nis wadn8muk 8dat8mo nokhigan.
how can we get bread we have no flour.

Chaga mlisj8 nibiziji kowawamadam;
If cry you will by switch get a whipping (feel it);

knamiton kd8ptadbok8bna masozial, tabna kmitsi.
you see we are cooking ferns, by and by you eat (you will eat soon).

Nig8 chigaji km8jibna nokmessek, odanak ait nokmes?
Mother when will we go to my grandmothers, my grandmother that lives at Odanak?

kdadangaji pai8da.
Your father it is will if he comes (when your father comes).

Awaniji namih8akw ni dali?
Who will we see there?

awaniba nawa,
Who would you expect,

kokmesga ta kmahom, kmessisak,
it will be your grandmother and your grandfather, your elder sisters,

8niazmahli ta Mali8ttoni, ta kidokanis Cholh8z.
Agnes Mary and Mary Anthony, and your older brother Charles.

Nig8 wlin8guat odanak?
Mother is it good Odanak?

kahala ato wlin8guat
Indeed probably it is nice

t8ni adoji 8da wanesmoak msalohdikw.
When there are not too many drunks.

T8niji wigiakw pai8gua Odanak:
Where will we stay when we arrive at Odanak?

t8niba nawa kokmessekga.
Where would you suppose, it is at your grandmothers.

Kaguije mijiakw nokmessek tali?
What will we eat at my grandmothers place?

Mziwigatta kagui,

ns8b8n, wios, padadessak, wasawal ta mzikwtal.
Succotash, meat, potates, pumpkins, and boiled corn.

Ni aihdit nmessisak ta nidokanis nokmessek?
So they live my elder sisters and little elder brother at my grandmother's?

It is.

Kagui lalokak ni tali?
What do they do there?

Mziwigatta kagui, wijokagamwak akikamuk ta kawakwnigamuk.
Everything, they help planting and reaping.

Kagui liwizo nokmes ta nmahom?
What's s/he called my grandmother and my grandfather?

Asma kowawaimowiak?
You don't know them yet?

Not yet.

Kokmesga liwezo Manigbesskwas,
Your grandmother she is called Manigbesskwas (a mythological female character, also a lively unconventional woman)

ni kmahom manigb8ba.
and your grandfather Manigb8ba. (mythological male character, also an independent man not bound by custom)

Nig8 niji pai8agua odanak niji askamiwi aiakw nokmessek?
Mother when we arrive at Odanak there will always we live at my grandmothers?

kwanipokga niji 8aiakw ni kanwa almi tagu8gik minaji kpiwi kdelosabna.
During the winter there will we live but continuing to fall again will the forest we go.

Nidokanis nawaji ta nmessisak kowijawgonawak tagu8giga?
Will my elder brother and my sisters accompany us in the fall?

kidokanisgaji ta 8niazmahli, kanwa Mali8ttoni 8dahaba kowijawgowinna.
Your elder brother will and Agnes Mary, but Mary Anthony will not come with us.

Kaguiji waji 8da wijawgowakw?
For what won't she go with us?

wz8miga nibao almi nipuk,
Because she is getting married come summer,

niji niswihdiji ow8wijaw8n,
and will her husband she go from then on with him,

ni waji 8dahaba kiuna kizi wijawgowakw.
and that is why she can't accompany us.

Nig8 niji ni wji awani ntami nibawit, 8niazmahli, aIa Cholh8z?
Mother, and will for that who first that marries, Agnes Mary or Charles?

8niazmahligaji chowi n8nabiwi nibao;
Agnes Mary it is will surely marry soon;

Kidokan kanwa 8da ns8n8gwziwi wnibawin pita wz8mi madako.
Your elder brother however there is no danger of him marrying very so much he is slow.

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