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New Words

Western Abenaki Radio Lesson 1 Transcript

Basic Preliminary Rules

Abenaki Letters Pronunciation
a as in the word father
i as the ea in the word eagle
ch as the ts in gets
j as the dz
g always hard as in gum
w like the ou in the word you when followed by a consonant. Like wha in what or why when followed by a vowel. W is often silent when at the beginning of a word.
8 o(n), o(m) - nasal o
ph not "f" sounds, p (aspirate) h
d soft "t"
e as in pedal

Basic Grammatic Rules

1. Plural (more than 1) animate words (all objects which have life) end in "k".
2. Plural inanimate words (lifeless objects) end in "l".
3. Words ending with "d" denote trade or occupation and are pluralized with "-jik".

Beginning Vocabulary

chilao mean, angry
majigo bad
mgeso eagle
wligen good
san8ba mean, angry
phanem woman
abazi tree, stick
mjejakw soul
w8ljabakw marsh
pakholigan drum
noji pakholid drummer
nodabonkad baker
wanibagw leaf
wanibagol leaves
chakwakw knife
nia I/me
kia you
agma he/she
niona us/we/our (exclusive - me and us)
kiona us/we/our (inclusive - you an us)
kil8w8 you (plural - small group)
ki8w8 you (plural)
agm8w8 they
wlaw8gan heart
s8gm8 chief
kchi big/great
pedgi to return
pegdi to fart
chijis baby
wliwni thank you