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Western Abenaki Radio Lesson 8 Transcript

Basic Conversational Phrases

lossada taka let's go there
kizi nodossabI've already been
nd'lossa n'wigw8mnokI am going to my home
pasojiwi nd'lossabI did not go too far (near I went)
k'wigiba pai8 spiwi nia? would you like to come with me?
n'kadi n8ji namih8 n'mahom I want to go see my grandfather
kizi n'namih8b I've already seen him
n'namih8ji saba I will see him tomorrow
k'wawinaw8 na san8ba? do you know that man?
8h8, n'wawinaw8b yes, I knew him
n'wawinaw8ji I will know him
k'namih8 nilil abaznodaal? do you see those baskets?
n'kadi manomenalI want to buy them
t8ni l8wadowal?how much do they cost?
n8ji nimska pilaskolgo get those papers
nda, nimskaji awighiganal no I will get the books
saossa go out
tka iodali its cold in here
n'kadopi I'm hungry
michida let's eat
w8wl8wzo he is fine
k'wawtam? do you understand?
n8ji abi taka go sit there
ni tabat?that's enough?
nda n'wawaldamowenI don't know
kagwi askawitoanwhat are you wainting for?
k'wizakaba? are you (plural) in a hurry?