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Mhaga The Body
note: more terms are listed below than are included in the images.

mdup the head
lidegwa8n the face
lidegw8 the face
wdupkuanal his/her hair
msisukw the face, the eye
msisukol eyes
wdawagw his/her ear
wdawagol his/her ears
m'm8m8nak eye brows
m'zebigwanak eye brows
wanowaal his/her cheeks
mskadegwa forehead
wibidal his/her teeth
wilalo his/her tongue
md8ppikan the chin
mdon mouth
mej8l the nose
wito the beard
madagen the skin
mezis˘bonal the eye lashes
mj˘l˘lagol the nostrils
azibaskedonal the lips
wkued8gan his/her throat/neck
mdupskokwa the back of the neck
mdelm8gan the shoulder
wdeli his/her shoulder blade, armpit
piassoal the body hair
meliji hand
meljial hands
witkwaljial fingers
gassakwad fingers
nan8welji the palm (middle of hand)
witkwalji his/her thumb
natamelji the first finger
n8wakwelji the middle finger
nakwalji the next to finger (ring finger)
medasmelji the baby finger

mpedskwewon the wrist
nibaowelji the wedding finger
pedgwelji the fist
mkazak the nails
wdolka his/her chest
wlegwi his/her armpit
wpigasenol his/her ribs
wlagzi his/her belly
wbeskwan his/her back
wpedin his/her arm
wpedinal his/her arms
mkedukw his/her knee
wk8d his/her leg
zoskwigan his/her leg
wagwan his/her heel
wzabi his/her hip, buttocks
wkeji his/her buttocks
wzid his/her foot
witkwzidal his/her toes
witkwazid his/her big toe
natamezid first toe
n8wakwizid middle toe
nakwazid next toe
medasmezid baby toe

Al8mihaga Inside the Body
wlaw8gan his/her heart
wskwen his/her liver
wdoloak his/her kidneys
wlagzial his/her intestines
k8joak veins
wjatal nerves
mpanal the lungs
˘pkweskazia a joint
kikkwegen a muscle
wlideb˘n the brain
wskanal bones
wskannawinal bone marrow
zigwadwa a skeleton
bagakan the blood

  • For conjugations, many more body terms, and to hear pronunciations of all the body parts by Abenaki Elder JOSEPH ALFRED ELIE JOUBERT, follow this link

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