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Western Abenaki Dictionary

Sharing A Bow and Arrow from Kimzowi Awighigan Pages 13-15 w/Ambrose Obomsawin and Gordon Day

Mili t8bi ta pakwa = give me bow and an arrow

Mila t8bia ta pakwa = give him a bow and arrow

Maga t8bi ta pakwa = he gives him (he distributes or shares) a bow and arrow

M8jala t8bi ta pakwa = bring (take) a bow and arrow along

Losa Molian, ala akwi = go to Montreal or not

Wijawi li Molian = come with me to Montreal

Wijawi, ala akwi chowi = come with me or not

Witamawi t8ni laguiwi = tell me which way (where is the direction)?

Molian li wig8damana = to Montreal if you please (like)

Awani kia, aln8ba ala awaas? 8da. 8da Nia awaas. Aln8ba 8da nidazo, achi 8da abazi = who are you, an Indian (human) or animal? No. I am not an animal. An Indian is not an animal (pet) or a tree.

Nidazo 8da kizi agiziwi; aln8ba 8zoka kizi agizo = an animal can not read

Abazi 8zoka 8da kagui mijiwi; = a tree cannot eat anything

wa 8zoka aln8ba mijo wios, moha ab8na, ala laboia; = but this Indian (this one however man) eats meat, bread and boiled milk

ni waji 8da agma nidazo ala abazi. = because of that (therefore) he is not an animal or a tree

Akwi lidah8mi wan8damina wa; = don't think that I am a fool

kia ali aln8baian, ni achi nia ma8wi. = as you are an Indian, I am also the same thing

Nia awaaswi8na, kiaji achi. = I am an animal, you are one too.

Kia aligian ni achi Nia ; = the way you are also am I.

kia ali mijian kagui, ni achi Nia. = as you eat something that also do I.

Ni kagui waji sazalakiwi paliwi lidah8zan kizi 8pchi hlian witamawi t8ni Molian. = why do you suddenly change your thinking after telling me? Tell me where is Montreal.

Nidazo 8dahaba kizi witamasiwi kagui ta 8dahaba nojokawawi t8bia ala pakwa tah8lawi kia = An animal cannot say anything and cannot touch a bow and arrow as you can.

Chiga namih8aza nidazo pab8mi maga t8bia ala pakwa. = when did you ever see an animal distributing a bow and arrow around?

Kahalaki kol8ma nid8ba, asma t8m8 nidazo tali witamasiwi kagui ala pab8mi magawi kagui tah8lawi kiuna ali kizi magaakw ta mildiakw. = Certainly you are right my friend, never did an animal ever say anything or give something about like we ourselves can give away and give to each other (share).

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