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Speaking Indian / Aln8ba8dwa
Gordon Day speaking w/Ambrose Obomsawin (Odanak, 1959), and Malian and Elvine Obomsawin (Thompson's Point, VT, 1958).
Recordings compiled and remastered JBB (2008).

Kd'Aln8ba8dwa? - Do you speak the Indian language?

Kd'Aln8ba8dwa. - You speak the Indian language.

Asma nd'Aln8ba8dwaw. - I do not speak the Indian language yet.

WliAln8ba8dwa. - He speaks the Indian language well.

Nd'Iglismon8dwa. - I speak the English language.

Wa phanem kizi Iglismon8dwa. - This woman can speak the English language.

8da msali w8bigijik kizi Aln8ba8dwaadid. - There are not many whites who can speak the Indian language.

Kid8ba nizejeb8dwa. - Your friend spoke two languages.

Nawji nsijeb8dwak. - Some speak three languages.

N'wawaldamen kd'el8dwaw8ganw8 tagasiwi. - I know your language a little (your - plural).

N'wawaldamen kd'el8dwaw8gan. - I know your language (your - singular)

N'wawtamen kd'el8dwaw8gan tagasiwi. - I understand your language a little (your - singular).

Aln8ba chowi Aln8ba8dwa. - An Indian should speak the Indian language.

Aln8baian kd'achowi ... - You being an Indian should speak Indian.

T8ni kd'eliwitamen? - How do you say it?

T8ni ni kd'eliwitamen Aln8baiwi? - How do you say that in the Indian way?

N'wigiba wawaldamen t8ni liwit8zo ni Aln8baiwi? - I would like to know how that is said in Indian?

Kiziba hlin t8ni io kd'eliwitamen Aln8baiwi? - Could you tell me how you say this in the Indian?

Kagwessa ni? - What is that?

Kagwi ni? - What is that?

Kagwessa io? - What is this?

Mina ni wita - Say that again.

Minawiwi. - Over again.

Liwlaldamana paami manniklozi. - Please talk more slowly

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