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Western Abenaki Lesson 11 Transcript

Lintow8gan Pazekw:

Kwai Kwai / t8ni / kd'8wl8wzi / nid8ba?
Hello / how / are you / my friend?

n'w8l8wzi / wliwni / ni / kia?
I'm fine / thank you / and / you?

n'wlidah8zi / wji ali / k'namihol / mina
I'm happy (have a good mind) / because / you I see / again

we are all well

Lintow8gan Nis:

t8ni / aliwizian / ta / t8ni / aian?
how / might you be called / and where / might you be from?

nd'eliwizi / Migakawinno / nd'ai / Bezikok
I am called / the warrior / I am / from Buffalo

t8ni / aliwizit / ta / t8ni / ait
how / might he be called / and / where might he be from

liwizo / Awasos / ao / kpiwik
He is called / Bear / he is / from the woods

t8ni / aliwizia / ta / t8ni / wigia?
how / might I be called / and / where / do I live?

kd'eliwizi / Migakawinno / k'wigi / Bezikok
you are called / the warrior / you reside / in Buffalo

Lintow8gan Nas:

Salakiwi nizwak aln8bak
Once two men

pami moskwasokaadit
Were out hunting muskrats

Pita ato wsp8zaldamokw wz8mi
They got up very early

asma amochka s8khipoziwi kizos
Before even the sun had risen

Ni wz8khi pedgi agwedahl8n8
They were returning upstream

On our river

Ni kagwi Wnodamen8 senojiwi
When they heard something near the shore

awanigik sazemi-t8gwezoak
Like someone lamenting

Ni z8gawi wlidbi-kwilaw8-bn8
And then they looked around carefully

Nizwak man8-gemassisak namiha-banik
And they saw two tiny little men

Ni adodzi kada-hleziidit
Then they sank beneath the water

mazal8mpskwi wigwaolsiswi
In a little clay canoe

Ni namito-banik senojiwi
There they saw on the shore

Wakh8likwsizak wski-a-ak
Little clay wheels, fresh

kizitoak iogik man8gemassisak
which had been made by those little men

Wji chiga nímanosa-k8zina
For when we starve or fast to seek visions

Achi wji msahagaphanemok
And also to help women when they are pregnant

A gift of the little people

Lintow8gan Iao:

kagwi kd'idam
what / (do) you say

nd'idam kwai
I say / hello

kagwi / lit8gwat?
what's / the news?

nda / nodamiwi
nothing / much in particular

Lintow8gan N8lan:

wliwni / 8da kagwi
thank you / it nothing at all

anhaldamawi / liwlaldamana
excuse me / please

Lintow8gan Ngued8z:

kagwi / lla
what's / true

kagwi / lla / nid8ba
what's / true / my friend

kagwi / lla
what's / happening

kagwi / lla / nid8ba
what's / happening / my / friend

kagwi / lla
what's / wrong

kagwi / lla / nid8ba
what's / wrong / my / friend

kagwi / lla
what's / up

kagwi / lla / nid8ba
what's / up / my friend

Lintow8gan T8baw8z:

nd'idam / adio
I say / goodbye

k'namiholbaji / mina
you all I will see / again

nanawalmezi / nid8bak
take care / my friends