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Western Abenaki Radio Episode 7 Transcript

Kwai mziwik ta k'wlipedgipai8 li Aln8ba8dwa L8baktahigan! Nd'eliwizi Migakawinno.
Hello all and welcome back to Western Abenaki Radio. My name is Warrior.

Lets get started!

N'wigiba ida wliwni wji mziwik nigik awigha wassakwhlaniganal bejidakal
I would like to thank all those who have written (electric mail) emails

wji jidokawijik wji Aln8ba8dwa L8baktahigan.
from supporters of speak Abenaki Radio.

p8paami wliwni wji k'wliklozow8ganal!
Greatest thanks for your kind words!

Io sagakwa wji nigik awanigik, wliklozow8ganiwi wjiga Ambloas Obomsawin,
Here's a shoutout to those who, in the good words of the late Ambroise Obomsawin,

"kadi tabisan8ba, tabis8gelida8mzit wji kizi agakimezit aln8ba8dwaw8gan"
"want to be man enough, strong enough to be able to learn Indian speaking"

flute.... Pamgisgak, nia achi n'wigiba ida wliwni wji Pol Benedik.
Today, I also would like to say thankyou to Paul Benedict.

wd'aln8ba8dwad waijiwi chiga wd'aw8sissop.
He spoke Abenaki only when he was a child.

ta ahlid wji Odanak n8wad, kwani kloziwi majimiwi Aln8baiwi.
and he told me of the village long ago, while speaking only in Abenaki.

p8paamiwligen nodamen.
It was so great to hear.

Achi nd'aiag8 ida wliwni wji wlip8gwat mijow8gan!
Also I must say thankyou to him for his delicious food!

Wd'ao niziwitta wlinod8tlokad ta wlinodadebokwad!
He is both a great storyteller and a great cook.


N'waj8nembna nisnol lintow8ganal milimek.
We have two songs to share.

Nilil lintow8gnal k'wliwawtam.
These songs you all know well.

Nitamatak wji aw8ssisak, nis akw8btak wji mziwik.
The first is for children the second is for us all.

  • Twinkle Little Star Aln8baiwi

    bmiwassen / bmiwasen / alakwsis
    twinkle (shine about) / twinkle / little star
    a-li / alidah8zi / awani / kia
    how / I wonder / who / you are
    8petawi / spemki / nopaiwi
    up / above land / so far
    n8bi / begwamal8pskw / spemkik
    like / a diamond (earned clam rock) / in the sky
    bmiwassen / bmiwasen / alakwsis
    twinkle / twinkle / little star
    a-li / alidah8zi / awani / kia
    how / I wonder / who / you are

    Nakwaltak 8saganhaldamaw8gan. K'wig8damen.

  • Amazing Grace Aln8baiwi

    Amazing grace (forgiveness)
    ali / wlit8gwat
    how / good the sound
    ni / bolewakha / ozigidah8zowinno / n8bi / nia
    that / saved / a wretch (miserable thinker) / like / me
    salakiwi / n'wanial8 / kanwa / nikw8bi / n'mezkamezip
    once / I was lost / but / now / I'm found (I've found what I much desired)
    nan8degwezip / kanwa / nikw8bi / n'paz8bi
    was blind / but / now / I see (I am able to see)

    Mejesala pamgisgak n'waj8nem kdak 8dokazw8gan waw8jemoikek. Wlikita.
    Finally today we have another conversation on the phone. Listen well.

  • phone call . . .

    N'kawachowi k'wig8damen T8baw8z akw8btak. Wliwni wji debestamen.
    I hope you have enjoyed our seventh show. Thank you so much for listening.

    be well wished!